Bayern strong win warlords worship service Bundesliga teams have congratulated

28 of the Bundesliga, Bayern with Schweinsteiger's goal in the 1-0 victory over Frankfurt, 6 won the Bundesliga title this season. Bayern has not only created a record first win in the Bundesliga history, but has also become the first team to win the season's top five leagues in Europe. Bayern this season, the outstanding performance of competitors convinced Bundesliga teams have after the game to congratulate Bayern win.

In the current round defeat to Bayern Munich jerseys , Frankfurt coach Armin Veh said, "this title Heynckes I hesitate to praise, I think he is a great role model and I hope Bayern this season, also won the other tournament. "

Bayern in the Bundesliga in recent years, the biggest competitor Dortmund coach Klopp said, "Heynckes send the most sincere congratulations! Bayern played a great season, I'm really happy for him. Bayern this season very well, last season we make every effort to get 81 points, but this season, Bayern will certainly be able to easily surpass this record. "Klopp then said," I hope that next season between the two teams the gap can be reduced. "

While the Dortmund club CEO Wa Cike cheap soccer jerseys , also sent to the old rival congratulations, "Congratulations to Bayern, this is a great season, Bayern is completely worthy champion and I really can only congratulate them." Augsburg Sports competent Reuter also believes that "Congratulations to Bayern this season, they played well, should be completely won the Bundesliga title.

Third Leverkusen Bayern same win very convinced, and sporting director Rudi Voeller more special congratulations in Leverkusen coach Jupp Heynckes coach "Congratulations Heynckes, congratulate him on as an assistant coach Herman, congratulations Bayern! they play a great season, not only successfully won the championship, but also leading to a lot of points, they are too good!

Leverkusen coach Sasha - Lewandowski said, "This is a great achievement! Bayern worthy of the people's respect! Course, this also for ourselves and be proud of, because Leverkusen this season. road victory over Bayern Leverkusen striker Kiessling also said that "It was amazing, Bayern won the championship early this season in the Bundesliga only beat Bayern team, which of course great. "

Allofs, Wolfsburg, general manager of the club, said, "this season, Bayern took control of the Bundesliga situation, but they can win so early in advance, or no one thought. Bayern are a great team, and we in the German Cup semi-final encounter with them, but our motto is to make the impossible becomes possible. "

Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf said, "Congratulations Bayern this season, Bayern did a great job, they should be completely won." Head of Borussia Club Sports Hebert by Bayern youth academy, his former team for a blessing, " my in Bayern youth camp, spent his youth, I would like to congratulate them won 23 Bundesliga title in the club's history, which is well deserved, Germany, the best team won the championship. "

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